Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend our products for flavoring coffees, teas and other hot and cold drinks. Their special appearance and practical use make the experience of tea and coffee more pleasant.

Our products made with a manufactory process, natural ingredients and (brown) cane sugar to make the consumption of cold and hot drinks pleasant and special, we are happy to conjure style and exclusivity into everyday habits.

1. Why are these products special?

It is an honor for us, that our product earned an award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in competition for the recognition of the craft profession, where a professional jury acknowledged our products quantity and uniqueness, and awarded it with the Hungarian Handicraft Great award.

  • Shaped cube sugar
  • Considered an unique product on the market
  • made from natural ingredients and using natural
  • our brown products are made from brown cane sugar, which is fooled with a few drops of caramel.

1.2 Rock candy/crystal candy stick

  • are made exclusively using cane sugar,
  • its liquid caramel-flavored versions are recommended for those who want novelties and prefer special flavors in the form of a brown rock candy stick,
  • An exciting addition to cocktails thanks to its bold colors. An innovative sweetening and decorating element that also offers a special, stylish solution to the consumer as a mixing stick.

1.3. Our products are made by manufactory process:

  • to fit the high quality requirements, they are placed on the market in significantly smaller quantities than industrially produced products,
  • excellent gift idea thanks to its gift box and packaging,
  • they are also a novelty in the field of wedding thanksgiving gifts,
  • special gastronomic decoration accessories for confectionery events.

2. How shaped cube sugars and rock candy/crystal sticks made?

The varied shapes of our products are achieved with a manufactory pressing technique, while rock candy / granulated sugar sticks are the results of the special crystallization technology, which is continuously observed, beacause of high quality requirements to ensure efficient human work.

3. What ingedients are the products made of?

Shaped products are created using cane sugar, their colors comes only from natural dyes, and are accordingly available in a trendy pastel shade. Natural dyes can lose their color due to sunlight and UV, so in the long run it is definitely advisable to store the product in a place protected from light. The raw material for rock candy / crystal sugar sticks is white and brown cane sugar. The aroma of the brown products is enhanced by the addition of liquid caramel, while the extreme colors, which are perfect for cocktails, are achieved with nature-identical dyes. Our pastel selection is colored with natural dyes.

4. Who can order from the web store?

Anyone who has accepted the contents of the GTC can order from the web store. Subscribers to the newsletter will be notified of promotions, information about the company and information that is important to both of the company and them. Confectioneries and cafes as well as resellers can also order from the online store. To take advantage of the discounts, please indicate your intention to purchase at the e-mail address  and we will send you the information necessary for concluding the contract.

5. What are the payment options?

In our web store you can choose from 3 payment options:

5.1 Pay with PayPal

5.2. In case of bank transfer, YOU must initiate a simple internet bank transaction to our company with the following data:

  • Bank account number: MKB Bank Zrt. 10300002-10676188-49020019
  • Beneficiary: Coffee Lovers Kft.
  • In the note, please indicate your ORDER NUMBER!
  • Please be sure to transfer exactly the amount you have in your order.

If you don’t have an internet bank, than you can use an MKB bank account with these information to complete the transaction.

5.3. You also have the option of cash on delivery, in which case the indicated amount must be paid in cash to the courier upon delivery of the package.

6. What modes of transport can I choose from?

In case of home delivery, the package will be delivered by the GLS courier service – before that, a notification will be sent via SMS from the courier’s phone number to ensure reconciliation. Delivery takes place during business hours, typically between 8am and 5pm. In case of unsuccessful delivery, the courier will try to make an appointment by phone if possible, if this is not possible, a notice will be left. The courier will try to deliver again the next day, but if the delivery fails a second time, the goods will be returned to our premises and the order will be canceled.

7. How long does it take to receive my order?

The delivery will be made in 2 days after taking the order ( you will receive a notification)

8. I am a wholesaler, I run a cafe, a confectionery. Can I buy from the web store and under what conditions?

Of course yes, for reseller prices, register in the “Register” menu and indicate your need at the  mail address. Final registration at our company is preceded by a data check, the results of which will be notified to you by e-mail or telephone and you can then purchase at wholesale prices.

9. I want to buy in large batches as an end consumer, are there opportunities to buy discounts in this case?

Contact us at  and we will give you a unique offer based on your exact needs.

10. Complaints, damaged package, delivery failure:

  • If you see external damage on the package, do not take it over. In this case, please call our company and let us know about this. If you receive the package, unpack it immediately and check its contents. If you notice a shipping damage, call our company out of line and keep a record of the damage so we can take action as soon as possible. If you do not report any damage on the day of delivery, our company will not accept a complaint in this regard.
  • if you do not receive the product (s) in the package that you have ordered, please notify us by e-mail or telephone out of line.

If you have any complaints during the purchase, please let us know by e-mail at  or by phone at 70 381 1178. Complaints will be investigated in all cases and a response will be given within 8 days of notification, and if necessary, the product will be replaced. If you are unable to resolve your complaint in this way, please contact our supervisory authorities mentioned above.