Shopping Information

Before shopping YOU have to choose if you would like to register on the Coffee Lovers Kft. website, or you want to proceed without registration. It is strongly advised to register if you visit our web shop frequently, because this way you won’t have to give your personal infromation and address every time you order a product. If you are registering for a purchase for the first time, you must first proceed in the REGISTRATION menu to log in. To make a later purchase, you must log in with the username and password provided during registration under the LOGIN menu item.

Some of the products on the website can be adjusted in product groups. You can select the product group that interest you by clicking on the appropriate icon or link. In the product group you can order the selected item by clicking on the product icon or its link.

After this you can alter your order at some products. The product can be placed in the shopping cart by pressing the ORDER button.

The content of the shopping cart can be viewed by clicking on the CART icon. In the shopping cart, the names, quantity and the gross purchase price of the selected products will be presented. When inspecting the cart, by pressing the appropriate button you have the chance to: 

  • remove items from you cart
  • adjust your preferences, fill up the cart. You can freely continue shopping.


If you have chosen a product, click on the ORDER button.

If you haven’t registered on our site, then to complete the order you must provide the required information.

Please select a payment option and check the shipping address.

If you have any question about you delivery, please contact us.

If your order is completes, than click on the TO THE DELIVERY button.

You can review you order by clicking on the REVIEW YOUR ORDER button.

At this point you can freely modify your order by clicking on the ADJUST PURCHASE button:


  • information mistakes (like address and billing information)
  • payment and delivery method and
  • contents (shopping cart). If you like to finalize your order, than click on the FINALIZE ORDER button

After finalizing your order, you will receive a confirmation on your given e-mail address. If the confirmation won’t arrive in 48 hours, you will be exempt from the obligation to bid. After the order we begin to collect the ordered products in our central warehouse. If some of the products are out of stock, than you will receive a notification in 48 hours on the given e-mail, in this case you can modify your order.

You have the possibility to alter or cancel your order, if it does not depend on the absence of an ordered product. In this case the order can be modified of canceled, but only in 24 hours after taking the order. Modifying you order can extend the lenght of the delivery.