Biosüsse BIO Hazelnut Chocolate Cream


The taste of real hazelnut chocolate cream, the temptation of sugar-free! Culinary enjoyment without guilt for the whole family!

Who does not love hazelnut chocolate cream? You can’t pass a summer without peanut cream pancake and a winter lazy weekend without peanut cream bread. Peanut cream is a favorite for children, adults and grandparents alike. So far, it has been almost impossible to find a version of it that is delicious, dietary and healthy at the same time. With Biosüsse Hazelnut Cream, you finally have the opportunity to do the same.

Biossüsse Bio hazelnut cream is healthy and delicious. Its special feature is that the content of hazelnuts and cocoa is exceptionally high, as it contains 30% hazelnuts and 20% cocoa. As a result, the taste is extremely intense and juicy, which crumbles softly in the mouth due to its creamy soft consistency. This makes Biosüsse hazelnut cream so majestic.


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Average nutritional value in 100 g of product

Energy2129 kJ / 514 kcal
Fat43 g
     – of which saturated fatty acids5,9 g
Carbohydrate21 g
     – of which sugar14 g
Fiber5,2 g
Protein9,2 g
Salt0,06 g


Biosüsse BIO Hazelnut Chocolate Cream is free from:


Biosüsse BIO Hazelnut Chocolate Cream contains the following allergens:

Milk powder

Unique flavors in a healthy form!

It contains no palm oil at all, is GMO-free (non-genetically engineered) and has no added sugar. The production process takes place entirely without the addition of household sugar and palm oil. It is also ideal for those who consciously want to eat healthy, without rations and last but not least, without calories.

Who wouldn’t be seduced by the sight of hazelnut chocolate cream? It’s good to think that from now on this can be done without guilt, malaise and extra pounds! Biosüsse and coconut sugar give the chocolate cream a pleasant sweetness that none can resist. This tempting creamy miracle divine is already delicious itself, or even as a hazelnut cream on a slice of bread or toast. And is it the perfect ingredient for baking chocolate sweets. It can be used also as a special filling for croissants and pancakes, for example, but can also be used to perfect other cakes, to make the feeling more majestic.


Sunflower oil *, sweeteners: erythritol *, 20% low fat cocoa powder *, coconut flour *, skimmed milk powder *, rice syrup *, cocoa butter *, emulsifier: soy lecithin *, bourbon vanilla extract *

Ingredients marked with * gathered from controlled organic farming.

Additional Information

250 g

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Best before: Located on top of the cap.