Heart shaped Erythritol – Small Bag (20 pcs)


Express your love with this unique novelty: Heart shaped Erythritol sugar

A sweet solution for everyday life!

It is also a mouth-watering option for dieters to flavor hot tea, as the erythritol has a glycemic index and a carbohydrate content of zero, which does not trigger an insulin response in the body. Paleo, ketogen, candida and 160 grams of carbs can also be easily incorporated into your diet, making it really a solution for anyone to elegantly flavor hot drinks, teas and coffees.
It can also be given to children, as unlike sugar cubes, erythritol does not damage the teeth, but its antioxidant content is particularly high. Fructose-sensitive children and adults can also consume it, as the product is made using 100% erythritol and natural ingredients.

The secret of the unforgettable moments!

Success lies in the details! Especially when we talk about our heart’s health! Every little detail counts on your first date, on a wedding anniversary, or a Valentine’s Day dinner! Unrepeatable moments are worth to be presented with special accessories and sweet delicacies. If only, because feelings write memories. With the heart shaped erythritol, the experience is guaranteed to remain sweet forever! Surprise your loved ones with it and throw up the quality, offer and atmosphere of your cafe, tea shop or restaurant! A sweet specialty that can do wonders! This is the heart shaped erythritol!

Both FDA and GRAS recommend it with the highest safety.
The product is available in the following colors: White
It retains its quality indefinitely!

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Average nutritional value in 100 g of product

/100 g/kb 3,5 g
Calorie0,2 Kcal/0,8 kJ0,007 Kcal/0,028 kJ
Carbohydrate99,9 g3,49 g
 – of which sugars
– which sugar alcohol99,9 g3,49 g
– Of which saturated fatty acids


The product does not contain allergenic ingredients!

Additional information

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions4 × 9.5 × 11 cm