Sukrin: 1 zero calorie sweetener – crystalline erythritol


Sukrin: 1 zero calorie sweetener – Healthy eating without consequences!

Sukrin: 1 zero calorie sweetener is completely additive- and allergen-free! Its glycemic index and carbohydrate content are zero, which means that it does not trigger an insulin response in the body. Completely calorie-free and vegan, so it has no off-flavor. It has a proven antioxidant effect as it can pick up the fight against free radicals. Paleo, ketogen, candida and 160 grams of carbs are also easy to incorporate into the diet as a sugar substitute, making it really a solution for anyone to sweeten their cakes. It can also be consumed safely for diabetics, vegans and celicals.

Healthy sweets = healthy teeth!

Sukrin1 – crystalline erythritol can prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for the development of tooth decay and the development of tooth decay. Its daily consumption is also recommended to maintain dental health.

It can also be given to children, since unlike granulated sugar, erythritol does not damage the teeth, but its antioxidant content is extremely high. Fructose-sensitive children and adults can also consume it, as the product is made using 100% erythritol or stevia glycoside.

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Average nutritional value in 100 g of zero calorie sweetener

Energy of zero calorie sweetener: 0 kJ/0 kcal  |  Fat: 0 g  |  Carbohydrates: 100 g*
-of which sugar: 0 g  |  -of which polyols: 100g*
Dietary fibre: 0 g  |  Protein: 0 g  |  Salt: 0 g

Carbohydrates that are not metabolized by the body*


Product is free from:


Contains the following allergens:

The product does not contain allergenic ingredients!

Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess

Sweet life without obesity!

Sukrin: 1 is a completely natural, additive-free product based on the polyol erythritol, zero calorie sweetener. Erythritol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol. This sugar substitute is found in pears, melons and mushrooms, among others.

A perfect sugar substitute. Also excellent for fruits, muesli, porridge and yogurts. With its help, we don’t have to give up sweet drinks either, as Sukrin1: crystalline erythritol can be used to make all sweet drinks, baking and the most delicious festive desserts sugar-free. A real sweet pleasure without compromise!


Sweeteners: erythritol and steviol glycosides.

Available in 250 g zip bag

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250 g zig-bag, BPA-free.

Sugar Stick 200 g (40x5g) sticks in a box.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Best before: Located on the back of the package.